About Us

It all began with a craving for fresh seafood.

We are a very hungry family of six who live in the small town of Wawa in Northern Ontario. We all love and appreciate a great meal, but it can sometimes get boring with the same foods day after day. We really wanted to get our hands on some seafood, but living in the North made that difficult. Good quality, fresh seafood is not something you could really have on your food menu unless you were willing to travel.

Covid-19 put a damper on everyone’s travel plans in 2020 so eating fresh seafood was quickly becoming a dream. We were not giving up. After making a few connections, we found a supplier where we could get fresh seafood right from the East Coast. We originally planned on just sharing the experience with family and friends but word got out quickly and it transformed into something of very high demand. We knew we had a great opportunity in front of us and decided to go for it.

We worked hard, made important partnerships, and thanks to all of our supporters from Wawa all the way to Sudbury, we officially became a business in January 2021. We can proudly say that we CAN bring Fresh, Quality Seafood to your table in the North and what’s even better, is that we work hard to bring it to you at great prices.

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